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19/05/10 :Labour condemns Reading Liberal Democrats' "unprincipled decision" to back Tory "losers":

Labour Leader Jo Lovelock, who leads the largest group on Reading Borough Council, has condemned the Liberal Democrats for their decision to join with the Tories in a joint ConDem Cabinet on the Westminster model agreed between Nick Clegg and David Cameron.

She says: "On 6 May the Tories in Reading lost Minster and failed to win any of their target seats. Labour won six seats and came second in five, we continue to have broad support across the town, and there is no local logic to the Liberal Democrats' decision.

"But this is obviously part of a national political shift. The Liberal Democrats at Westminster have signed up to Tory policy on the economy and on cuts to public services, on Europe, on defence, on nuclear power and much more. The Liberal Democrats in Reading, who have always told us they want to protect public services, now want to have their hands on the Tories' axe.

"I know many Liberal Democrat members and supporters who have been horrified by their deal with David Cameron. The national polls are already showing a real swing to Labour from the Liberal Democrats, who have abandoned any pretence of being progressive party. Labour in Reading will be a very active opposition, starting now. The people of Reading did not vote for this ConDem coalition, do not deserve this ConDem coalition, and I am sure will take an early opportunity to say so through the ballot box."

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